Manufacturing of Dredger- First Malaysian company to manufacture Dredger CSD 5000

As for the Dredger business, the idea was sprung off from the flood mitigation program. Despite billion of Ringgit was spend to prevent flooding via river dredging and maintenance, the country continues to be plagued by the devastating effect of the flood brought by the monsoon/ raining season.

One of the key reasons for the continuing flood problem was because of the pro long siltation at the river mouths. The siltation made the river mouth shallower and block river from offloading the excess water into the sea.

One of the solutions proposed in the flood mitigation measures was to spearhead the “National Dredging initiative” which entailed the supply of at least 1 dredger to every state to clear out the backlog of Dredging work.  Under such initiative dredgers will be operating throughout the year at the river mouths. However, all the dredgers that were operating, back in 2004, were imported and still are till now.

The strong demand for the dredgers not only confined to dredging at river mouths, there is also demand for dredgers to operate at the ports. The government saw there is need to develop this niche but potential market and to make Malaysia as a key dredger supplying in South East Asia.

Hence in 2004, Government kick start this pioneer project by awarding the contract to IKSB to supply all the dredgers that The Government needs.

The first dredger CSD 500 was successfully completed in 2006.
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