Back in 2003 or even at present, there is a large number of vehicles/equipment/machineries/plants belonging to various Government agencies that have been decommissioned or written off due to obsolescence, poor maintenance and beyond economic repair.

Very limited attempts are made to recover them through the rebuilt exercise to extend their operational life even though most of the components and system are still functional and often in good condition.

Therefore, if the necessary capabilities are in-place to extend their useful economic life of these vehicles, plant & machineries, it will help Government to save millions of Ringgit spend on buying new vehicles, plant & machineries, more importantly, it will help to cultivate re-engineering & maintenance culture in public and private sector, which is a pre-requisite for the development of heavy industrial in the country and to achieve Vision 2020.

The Government recognizes such initiatives and its strategic impact on the nation, hence decided roll out the rebuilt program. To spearhead the roll out of this what could potentially be a nationwide rebuilt program, The Government has identified the “earth moving equipment “as a startup.

It is hoped that the successful implementation of this rebuilt program could eventually spillover to other Government‘s vehicles such as  Military equipment, petrochemical plants, ship and vessel etc. 
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