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Who is IKSB?

a company with 2 special purposes

IKSB was incorporated in 2001, founded by Ahmad Suberi and Lai Yih Chuan. It is the only company in Malaysia that has been given a mandate by the Government to start the rebuilt program for earth moving equipment/ heavy equipment. Its clienteles include- Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR), Ministry of Defense (mindef), Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), Cities and Local council.

Apart from the above Government’s mandate to rebuilt and reconditioned for all the Government’s heavy machineries, it has also been given special task to spearhead the “National Dredging Initiative” which is to design, build and supply dredgers to the government.

The first dredger CSD 500 which was awarded in 2003 by Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran (JPS) was successfully completed in 2006. Currently, this very first Malaysian built dredger, is operating in Tumpat, Kelantan.

Ikhlas kekal  was incorporated in 1997 with the 2 main strategic objectives to help the Government of Malaysia

1)To supply all the dredgers and dredging service to the Government of Malaysia under “National Dredging Initiatives” to clear the backlog of the estuary works in Malaysia
2) To help the Government of Malaysia to recondition or refurbish all its machineries especially the heavy machineries to avoid buying new machineries unnecessarily.

It’s core competencies lies in specialized areas such as heavy equipment refurbishment, Coastal and Maritime Structures, Geotechnical Engineering and building dredgers as well as the traditional Civil and Structural Engineering.

Ikhlas Kekal with its principal MegaConsult and a Dutch engineering firm Neder Delta Engineering and Consultancy Sdn Bhd  are  confident that they have the collective capability, capacity, diversity and expertise to meet the specific needs of every Client.


To be the preferred partner for the Government by providing excellent and quality services through transferring technology knowhow from developed countries.


To become a primary player in the field of maritime engineering and heavy vehicle refurbishment by focusing on providing 1 stop solution to dredging and its related works and fleet management for heavy vehicles in Malaysia.

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